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Voice Recorder Voice Memos is a Voice Recording tool with plenty of great features. It offers excellent sound quality. There is a Media player in the app that you can play, reward & forward the audio memos even in lock screen Mode. And a Sound editor too, cut or trim MP3 files easily. This reliable and modern voice recorder has a variety of options for quick recording.

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Export & Import & Share

With the help of this app, you can export and import all kinds Mp3 files. It is very valuable feature. Another good news is that Memos you record can also be transferred to your Mac or PC Via USB.

Mp3 Player

There is a very professional Music Player embedded in this app as a feature. You can play All Mp3 files with this feature easily. It makes a very enjoyable experience of listening Mp3 files.

Audio Editor

There is a feature in this app that lets you cut the recorded Audio files. You can Trim the files easily . It is very usable if you want to put the recorder works in background.

Touch ID - Face ID

This app supports facial and fingerprint recognition system . So you can Scan Face or your fingerprint for more security files in iPhone® or iPad® . We Respect To Privacy .

Unlimited Recording

Recording Unlimited (not included in the price) .

Universal App

Universal App (iPhone & iPad ) . This application is very compatible with your devices. You will Enjoy it.

Apple Watch

This application has great performance with Apple Watch. You will like it.

Recording in Background

Recording in the background AirPlay® is available in this app. you can use it.


Voice Recorder is an easy voice recorder

One Touch

With just one touch , Start or Stop recording

3D Touch

3D Touch for better performance

Mp3 files

Voice Memo In Mp3 & RAW Format


There is a Record Timer & Playback Counter

Voice Recorder Free  available for apple watch

Email Voice & iMessage

Voice Email Up to 5MB

Sticker Color

Sticker Color For Searching easy your files

Display File Size

Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps

Auto File Naming

Yes, You can count on Auto File Naming.

We Respect to User Privacy

Our User's privacy is our top priority. None of our apps collect or store personal information. We do not incorporate social media software within our apps. None of our apps use email, phone or webcam features inherent with smartphone or tablet devices. Our FREE apps include in-app purchase for upgrades to the apps and the payment transactions are via App stores (Apple).


VoiceRecorder Free iPhone screenshot
VoiceRecorder Free iPhone screenshot
VoiceRecorder Free iPhone screenshot
VoiceRecorder Free iPhone screenshot
VoiceRecorder Free iPhone screenshot
VoiceRecorder Free iPhone screenshot

More Than



Available For Apple Watch

Voice recorde free application on Apple Watch

Easy Recording

History Part of voice recorder free on apple watch

Surf On History Part

One Touch Play on apple watch

One Touch Play

check memo before save on apple watch

check before save

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"Really useful app with great sound quality, It's a great Apps and must have."

Lorraine Baran


Nice app

"A recommended recording tool. Easy to use. I like to use it. Improve my work efficiency by PolyDome"


United States

Works well

" Huge buttons, fast response, clear recording, never crashes, compact app, its all good IMO! Happy with this 1min version, upgrading to full app now. thx."

iPad JC




Amazing Feature


Voice Recorder Free is an easy voice recorder

  • One Touch Recording
  • One Touch Stop & Save
  • Storing recording both in RAW and mp3 format
  • voice memos
  • voice email
  • easy to use
  • Recording Unlimited (not included in the price)
  • Voice Email Up to 5MB
  • Record Timer & Playback Counter
  • Auto File Naming
  • Sticker Color For Searching easy your files
  • Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps
  • supported recording in background

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